Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japan Tourism board to give away 10,000 flights

According to various news outlets, the Japan Tourism Board is giving away 10,000 free round-trip flights to aid in bringing back their now suffering tourism. Since the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident have caused people to have fear of traveling there. Myself? I'd TOTALLY go to Japan if my flight were covered free of charge. My reasons for not going to Japan on my current trip idea are only because the yen to dollar ratio isn't the greatest, and prices are a bit higher in general.

My plan was to make it to Japan when I have a larger/better income and savings. Though, now I completely plan on applying for one of these free flights as soon as the application system opens up. Yes, I realize that the chances of me actually winning one of these special trips is slim to none, but even so, that's better than my chances at a free flight if I don't apply, right? The conditions are that you have to post pictures and write about your experience in country either during your trip or after. Hmm, isn't that what I'm doing with this site anyway? YES INDEED!

To be honest, I'd love to travel to Japan, climb mount Fuji (its an easy-ish trail) It's actually on my bucket list of things to do before I die. I'd hit Tokyo (of course), then probably Mount Fuji, I'd actually be thrilled to go see the areas affected by the tsunami. I'd also like to see your standard "touristy" things: sumo wrestling, a bunraku show, things like that. I'd like to see the blend of the traditional Japanese style mixed with the newer age. Overall, if I were to win a free flight to Japan, I'd change my travel plans to go there next summer instead of Thailand. I'd just delay the Thailand trip for the following christmas break or following summer.


Alright, this is just a quick update about the free flights to japan thing that's in the news. I've been very busy with school lately, so my post on the "tourist day" in columbia, mo has been a long time coming. It's coming though, I promise!

what do you think about the Japanese Tourism Board giving away 10,000 free flights? Will you apply? feel free to comment below.